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BBC gone, ITV and C4 next 06/02/2014


Some ITV regions and Channel Four are still broadcasting from the old satellite Astra 1N. These remaining services are likely to be migrated to the UK spot beam tonight. If you have already lost the BBC, you will also lose all ITV variants and regions, and the Channel Four group.

The channels which are likely to be switched tonight include: ITV ONE (all regions not already on Astra 2F), CITV, ITV 2, ITV2+1, ITV 3, ITV3+1, ITV 4, Channel Four (all regions), Film Four, Film Four+1, E4, More 4.

The loss of BBC, ITV and C4 will affect Freesat and Sky boxes equally. People often ask if subscribing to Sky will bring them back. Sadly, it won’t.

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