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BBC switches satellite services to Astra 2E 04/02/2014

BBC switches satellite services to Astra 2E

LATEST The BBC has confirmed that its TV and radio services currently broadcast across the British Isles on the Astra 1N satellite will switch to Astra 2E this week.

Freesat and Sky viewers in the UK have been assured by the BBC that “no viewer actions should be required”.

Astra 2E was officially brought into service on the 1st February 2014 by its operator SES. The new satellite is taking
over carrying BBC channels from Astra 1N, which is scheduled to move position to serve Central Europe.

Viewers in the UK and Ireland receiving BBC TV and radio should be unaffected by the move, apart from a short
break in transmission during “the early hours” of Thursday, 6th February 2014. Transponder frequencies will remain
the same. The BBC has moved to reassure UK viewers stating: “care has been taken to ensure the minimum of
impact to UK viewers both during and after the change, such that no viewer actions should be required.”

“Generally the new transponder will improve reception in the South East of England, the north eastern coast of East
Anglia, the North East of Scotland and the Shetland Isles.”

“Northern France and Belgium may see an improvement, outside of this area there may be a slight reduction in
coverage with the need for a larger receive antenna.”

BBC TV and radio for the UK is broadcast from satellites located the 28 degrees East orbital position. BBC channels
were moved to Astra 1N in 2012 when the Astra 2D satellite was put into retirement. Astra 2D was the first satellite to
have a UK spot beam, which enabled the free-to-air public service broadcasters including the BBC, ITV and Channel
4 to unencrypt their services without incurring broadcast rights issues from broadcasting across the whole of Europe.

Most UK households will be able benefit from a slightly stronger satellite signal, meaning better reception is possible in
stormy weather, when thick clouds obscure the line of sight to the satellite.

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