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Useful Info

A quick guide to some jargon:

FTA – free to air – a digital satellite receiver that will receive any program that is not encrypted and does not require a subscription card. On Astra 2 for example there are around 200 channels unencrypted (clear) BBC and ITV included. Typical installation price is 350 euros for standard definition.

Freesat from SKY: For this, a Sky digibox and a Freesat from Sky viewing card is needed. All BBC and ITV channels + Channel 4 & 5 and around 250 other channels are available. To see channel line up, click the link www.freesatfromsky.com

Sky subscription: for this a Sky digibox is needed and a sky subscription card – Sky have many packages to choose from. EaSISAT can supply Sky subscription cards with monthly payments paid directly to Sky.

If you are interested in having Sky installed, call or email us now.  To view sky packages click on the link www.sky.com/portal/site/skycom/products/packages

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