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Terms & Conditions

Following general sale’s conditions regulates the “terms and conditions” (T&C) applied to products sold by the reseller.

All the sales contracts, closed between “consumer” and “reseller”, are regulated by following T&C. These T&C are included in each “sales offer”, purchase order” and “purchase order confirmation”.

For “consumer” we consider a person that buys the goods and services for reasons not linked to any commercial activity (read lucrative purpose).

Following T&C can be modified at any time by EaSISAT without notice. Eventual new/modified T&C will become effective from the moment they are published on the web site of EaSISAT and will be applied to all the contracts stipulated after the publishing.

1. Products: price and characteristics.

1.1 Unless expressly specified, products prices published by EaSISAT are intended excluding VAT. Publishing of a new price will substitute previously published ones, the new price is subject to the effective availability of the product.

We have no control over the delivery or the content on the IPTV system supplied, this is supplied by third parties. We cannot be held responsible for any loss of service, for whatever reason, by the service provider.
The channel line-up can change at any time; therefore we do not guarantee that the TV channels supplied will always be available from one moment to the next. The providers endeavour to attempt to keep the channels as static as possible but the channel line-up can change at any time without notice. The providers aim to provide a broad range of channels, and attempt to keep the number of channels available constant. The providers do not accept that any change to the channel line-up is a cause for termination of service and no refunds or return of goods are permissible due to any changes (for whatever time period) in channel line-up.

Radio channels, catch-up TV, electronic programme guide (EPG), and sub titles are all free services that can be discontinued or altered at any time by the service provider.
TV, EPG and catch-up, subtitles are NOT guaranteed.
Service payments are non-refundable.
The Company will at its discretion repair or replace Products which are deemed by the Company to be defective by reason of faulty material or workmanship provided that the Customer has notified the Company in writing of the defect within 12 months of the date of installation. The warranty shall only cover the set-top box. The Company shall not be liable for any failure in the Customer’s Internet connection which prevents them from being able to access the service. Any device damaged due to electrical surges and “spikes” are not covered under the guarantee. We encourage all our customers to connect the Set Top Box to their electric supply via a surge protector, this will minimise the risk of the unit being damaged by electrical outages etc.

1.2 EaSISAT reserves the right to modify the prices of the products advertised on the official web site, the new prices will become effective from the moment they are published on the web site and will be applied to all contracts closed after the publishing.

2. Orders – Invoicing.

2.1 All the purchase orders submitted to EaSISAT have to be compiled in all required parts and are to include all the necessary requirements needed to correctly identify the products ordered

2.2 EaSISAT reserves the right to reject incomplete or incorrect orders. In case an order cannot be processed by EaSISAT (due to temporarily out of stock situation of the product ordered), EaSISAT will inform as soon as possible the consumer and in case of impossibility of processing the order will refund amounts eventually already paid. In case of refund the consumer has no rights in claiming compensation, of any kind, based on “breach of contract” and “damage”.

2.3 The necessary fiscal documentation (related to the purchased products) will be produced by EaSISAT and will be shipped together with the products. In case the consumer, for tax purposes, desires to receive a fiscal invoice (addressed to specific name), this needs to be specified at the moment the purchase order is submitted. In the case no such request is made EaSISAT will not produce any fiscal invoice.

3. Delivery of Products.

Delivery Times
Mainland Spain 1-2 days
Balaerics 1-2 days
Canary Islands 1-2 days
Portugal 1-2 days
France 2-3 days
UK 3-4 days
Germany 4-5 days

For quicker delivery, shipping costs will be higher. Please call us to discuss

3.1 All delivery expenses, clearly stated and explained in the purchase order, are charged to the consumer. The consumer will be responsible and liable for expenses made in case the products could not be delivered due to reasons that can be lead back to the consumer (i.e. Rejection of the goods, or unavailability of consumer).

Deliveries are normally performed by express carrier such as UPS or MRW. EASISAT has the right, indisputable, to deliver the products with different carrier selected by the consumer during the order phase.

3.2 Delivery’s terms indicated by EaSISAT are applied to products available in stock and even if thoroughly evaluated, are under no circumstances to be considered as binding. EaSISAT can confirm or change those terms based upon requirements. Eventual delivery delays which are below the 30days do not entitle the consumer to refuse/reject the delivery nor do they entitle the consumer to claim any compensation of any kind.

3.3 EaSISAT has the right to deliver the totality of products ordered (even if related to the same order) in several deliveries given that the customer will be charged only once for delivery costs.

3.4 In case the consumer, within 72 hours from delivery, claims the non conformity of the products ordered, EaSISAT will proceed with the collection and substitution of the products. In case that the returned products are not in the original shipment “state/condition”, (including original packaging, manuals, etc) but presents deficiency in any of the aspects, EaSISAT will consider the contractual transaction valid and the products purchased by the consumer, declining any claim for substitution..

3.5 T&C for special delivery needs to be communicated by the consumer and agreed in writing by EaSISAT

4. Special Offers.

4.1 Eventual special offers made by EaSISAT are in place until stock availability and are subject to the effective availability of the product at EaSISAT. It is not possible to cumulate EaSISAT special offers. Products that are part of special offers or those that are given as gift can present different packaging (for packaging we understand box, manuals, etc).

5. Product warranty – Technical support.

5.1 EaSISAT guarantees the products from any kind of defect, according to the Product warranty

5.2 Technical assistance on products is delivered, where available, by the Manufacturer or Distributors through own technical support centers. Information about such centers, in case not expressly indicated in the product documentation, will be provided by EaSISAT via following e-mail address:  enquiries@easisat.net

5.3 In case technical assistance is provided by EaSISAT, it is responsibility of the consumer to send the product, intact, together with all the original accessories (manuals, cable, cover, etc) to EaSISAT who will than provide the opportune support. The support will take place through the distributor who will syndicate and judge on the type of intervention or substitution of the product. EaSISAT reserves the right to charge the consumer eventual costs rose due to product testing and shipments in case the product results to be operating under normal conditions.

5.4 EaSISAT provides no guarantees about the compatibility of the products purchased with other products used by the consumer, nor does provide any guarantees about the correct functionality of the products according to the consumer “specific” use when this is not consistent with the normal condition of use there were thought for the products.

6. Consumer obligations.

6.1 The consumer is obliged, once the online contractual transaction (purchase) is submitted, to print out and keep these general T&C, that needs to be expressly agreed and accepted during one of the required step of the ordering process.

6.2 The consumer will not hold EaSISAT accountable for any responsibility in case of fiscal documentation produced with incorrect information, if this is due to mistakes done by the consumer in the transcript of information during the ordering process.

7. Withdrawal/cancellation right.

7.1 According to Withdrawal/cancellation right the consumer (if identified as such according to art.1 lett.b) has the right to withdraw from the contractual agreement and return the purchased products, without specifying the reasons, within 10 working days from the date products are received.

7.2 The right of withdrawal regulated from the law, needs to be exercised by the consumer through within the terms of 10 working days from the date products are received. It is possible for the consumer to communicate the intention via fax sent to EaSISAT- fax or phone no +34 93 845 9874, given that this communication is followed by one done with registered mail/letter sent within 48 hours after the time telegram/fax are sent. In case there will be no written communication done within the agreed terms the consumer will loose the right to withdrawal

7.3 All the returned products have to return intact and in the exact same condition they were originally shipped, meaning with its original packaging, manuals, e without any defect. It is intended that the totality of costs for returning the products are consumer own expenses. We advise our customer to check that the eventual defect is due to a proper technical issue and cannot be related to improper or incapacity of use from the consumer. 60% of the “defects” claimed are identified to improper use; it is for this reason that before returning the products the consumer would consult our technical support.

7.4 Once the returned products are received (and its integrity tested) EaSISAT will proceed, in the shortest possible term, but anyway within terms set by law, to refund the consumer the cost of the products returned (as stated in the invoice).From the refund amount EaSISAT will curtail eventual delivery costs which are anyway charged to the consumer.

In the case the purchase order has been paid by credit card, EaSISAT will proceed and credit back the amount, through the credit company, on the consumer card. In the eventuality that other forms of payment were used, the consumer is obliged to communicate the bank details which will be used by EaSISAT for the refund.

8. Personal details.

8.1 Personal details are collected with the purpose of registering the consumer, activate the procedures necessary for the execution of the order, and in case of communication; all details are treated electronically according to current laws, and will be exhibited only upon express request of the juridical authority or any other entity authorized by law.

8.2 Personal details will be communicated to the entities involved in the process of executing the order with the sole intention of performing the execution.

8.3 The consumer can at any given time ask to have confirmed the existence at EaSISAT headquarter of its own personal details; to know their origin, the purpose of use and the treatment of such information; to ask that they are being updated; check for integrity; cancellation from the database, to have the details transformed into “anonymous” status or to block the use in case of misbehavior (also illicit); to oppose the improper use of these details including sending of advertisement materials, marketing researches, other sell offers.

9. Jurisdictional competencies.

9.1 Every controversy related to the application, execution, interpretation and violation of the stipulated contracts “online” through the official web site EaSISAT is subject to the Spanish jurisdiction.; these T&C will relate, in all the parts non mentioned but that are covered by current Spanish law regulation.

Any dispute among the parties regarding this contract will be competency of the jurisdiction operating on the territory where the consumer lives; for all other consumers (those outside the country or companies) disputes will be competency of the Spanish jurisdiction

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